Do we count our mind as a tool we created? Or is our mind a creator whom we must trust? Either way, the mind is embodied in our somatic responses to tools. Jon Greenaway explores this fact through the films of [[David Cronenberg]], stressing how the mind is not just embodied but extends beyond the body which contains it. When we trust the creators of tools, we are, at the core, trusting how their minds are embodied in and alter the physical world.

This is a central point for Cronenberg’s films: the psyche has an enormous potential to impact the physical world in strange and powerful ways.1

  • When I said that 3 My transsexual body is a metadata record, I did not realize that this was also something I was getting at. The catalog of memories, mindsets, classifications, everything related to my transition, are embodied through physical changes and sensations. Are both my mind and body tools of my transition? Are they each creators (in this case, catalogers)?

  1. [[Before Ideals Comes the body: A Cronenberg Retrospective]] by [[Jon Greenaway]] ↩︎