about me

My name is Jay, and I’m a librarian. I’m passionate about knowledge management and organization, personal or otherwise, and I’m a nerd for anything hypertext. I also love opera and my two pets: my cat King Arthur and my bearded dragon Coop.

about this site

This is a πŸ€ digital garden. It contains my notes on various things I’m interested in. These notes are at various stages of growth. When they reach a certain level of maturity, I make them 🌳 evergreen and put them in my πŸ—ƒ Zettelkasten.


I write all the content of this site in Logseq and build it via the static site generator Hugo. I use the logseq-schrodinger plugin to convert the pages to Hugo-compatible Markdown. Finally, I use the logseq-hugo-template to structure everything and provide the them, and I use the GitHub Pages action from Logseq-Hugo-Template.

You can visit the repository for this site at https://github.com/jlcolbert/jlcolbert.github.io.