🌿 budding and almost ready to split into Zettels

My note seedlings don’t take root and branch off, with branches returning to a single point (the trunk of the tree). My note seedlings are, instead, rhizomes. The notes and ideas don’t have one origin point. “Branches can grow out of any spot towards any direction.”1

“Rhizomes, however, do not function according to representation. Nothing in a rhizome represents something else. There are only connections.”2

An arborescent view of a digital garden would be that notes are, in a Platonic sense, trying to become their ideal self. The farther they are from that ideal state, the more they have branched off from the root of the tree. But in a rhizomatic garden, there is no ideal state to work towards.3

  1. [[Explaining Deleuze with drum machines]]


  2. [[Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus: A Critical Introduction and Guide]] by [[Brent Adkins]] ↩︎

  3. There is something to explore here regarding the Buddhist concept of anātman or non-self, since it is in direct response to the ideal self, or ātman in Hinduism. ↩︎